the Solution Room

The Solution Room = a strictly scripted closing general session format . Its purpose is to activate the participant behaviour change by means of a strictly formatted discussion between conference peers. Mike Van der Vijver (MindMeeting) and Ruud Janssen (TNOC | The New Objective Collective) have collaborated on the development of this epic conference closing session format that is capturing the world by storm and leaving participants engaged, enriched and motivated to action their learnings.

“Lose the closing keynote speech; at the end of a conference, no one is looking for yet more information and motivational talks at the end of an event”, says Janssen.

“Energetic, structured solutions arise from the meeting where problems are given up for adoption and every problem is actioned by 7 peers whilst you observe and are consulted. In turn everyone’s problem gets addressed. Deep conversations, practical advice and actionable steps are key to create change in behaviour with intent and purpose. 


“Also the use of ‘human spectrograms’ to demonstrate the impact of the Solution Room and physical note taking on paper table cloths create a rich engaged user experience that create strong bonds at the end of the event. 

Van der Vijver: “It is essential that you are aware before you go home of the next steps you want to address; the actions you want to take.”

“Three months after the date we send the participants a self addressed postcard – as a friendly reminder of their Solution Room resolution and next steps.” According to Janssen, “there is more and more demand for these kinds of precision engineered action meeting designs where everyone is engaged and connected.”

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